Referral Program

Nearly all of our clients find us through good, old-fashioned word of mouth. It’s not every day that someone needs a new consulting actuary, but when they do, we want them know about us!

Help us make a new connection and you may be eligible for a sizable referral bonus. We pay bonuses up to 20% of first-year consulting fees, depending on the type of project. Most projects are priced between $7,500 and $50,000, resulting in referral bonuses of up to $10,000!

Do you know someone in need of our services? We would love an introduction! If the new relationship results in a successful consulting engagement, we will return the favor with generous referral bonus – paid directly to you, your company, or a mutually selected charity.

Referral Program FAQs

For self-insured clients, our contacts are generally risk managers or finance professionals (such as accountants and CFOs). Sometimes, our self-insured relationships are managed through commercial insurance brokers.

Outside of the self-insured space, we often engage with attorneys involved in complex commercial insurance litigation. We also work with the senior management team of insurance carriers to provide loss reserve analysis and other strategic support.

At Archer, we are committed to delivering results that make sense to our clients. Actuarial topics can be confusing and nuanced, but they need not be overcomplicated. We work with our contacts to ensure they understand the key takeaways of our reports and how it relates to their business. Attractive pricing, friendly and reliable service, and decades of expertise – what is not to like!?

We are comitted to making our clients’ life easier, and it shows!

That’s great! If you have been invited to participate in Archer’s referral program, contact us via phone or email, or schedule a meeting to discuss the situation in more detail. Contact Us.

If you have not been invited to participate in the program and would like to, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest. Please schedule a meeting so we can explore our future opportunities. (Note that the referral program is by invitation-only to help ensure our prospects are not inconvenienced by relentless email marketing.) Contact Us.

For self-insured clients, we establish an attractive fixed fee for each project. Most projects are priced between $7,500 and $50,000 depending on the complexity of the assignment. We are uniquely positioned to provide premium level service at a significant discount compared to our larger competitors.

For projects priced on an hourly basis, clients are pleased to find that our rates are 25% to 50% lower than those charged by large consulting firms.

The referral program is by invitation only and is open to legal citizens of the United States. If you or someone you know would be a good candidate for the program, let’s talk! Contact Us.

Referral bonuses for eligible participants equal 20% of first-year paid fees for self-insured clients and 10% of first-year paid fees for law firms, investment banks, insurance carriers, and other clients.

Referral bonuses are calculated as a percent of the first-year paid project fees, excluding travel expenses. Archer will pay the bonuses within 30 days of receipt of payment from our new client. In order to comply with tax laws, a valid Form W-9 is required before any payments can be made.

No more than one referral bonus will be paid per paid consulting engagement. Conflicts will be mediated by Archer Actuarial.

The terms of this program is subject to change or termination without notice.

Self-Insured FAQs

Yes, we support both new and existing programs. If your organization is new to the self-insured space, we strongly recommend you work with an actuarial firm who will take the time to help you understand the nuances of the process.

Based on our experience, this is an unlikely scenario. At Archer, we appreciate the value of a stable self-insured program. Volatility in reserve estimates commonly stems from two sources: changes in the loss experience, and changes in actuarial judgment. Of course, significant fluctuations in loss experience can sometimes lead to volatility in reserve estimates; however, changes in actuarial judgment need to be carefully monitored to prevent unnecessary overreactions to loss data.

No. Archer Actuarial does not provide services for health care plans; that portion of the industry is served by actuaries who specialize in life and health disciplines.

Yes. We provide a range of actuarial services related to professional liability, including tail liability analyses for claims-made coverage.