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Archer Actuarial Consulting, LLC is committed to serving the needs and advancing the interests of the property and casualty risk management community.

Our passion for analysis and dedication to continuous improvement fuel our unparalleled actuarial, analytic and strategic services. We enjoy helping others navigate the nuanced realms of risk financing and quantitative analysis. Our extensive expertise enables us to consistently deliver high quality, insightful and practical results.

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Recent Articles

Video: Tail Liability Explained

Organizations that purchase claims-made coverage are often required establish reserves for their resulting uninsured exposure, or “tail liability”. This video describes, in basic terms, the source of this liability.

Video: What is IBNR?

This video, part of the Loss Reserving Fundamentals series, defines IBNR, or “incurred but not reported.”  IBNR is described in relation to case reserves and overall loss reserves.  Four of the main sources of IBNR are discussed.  

The Financial Implications of an Actuarial Reserve Report (for Self-Insureds)

This article examines the financial implications of changes in actuarial loss reserve estimates for self-insured organizations. An actuarial loss reserve analysis has the potential to affect an organization’s financial position. This potential is formally recognized by an organization when the…