Why Archer?

Our passion for analysis and dedication to continuous improvement fuel our unparalleled actuarial, analytic and strategic services. We enjoy helping others navigate the nuanced realms of risk financing and quantitative analysis. Our extensive expertise enables us to consistently deliver high quality, insightful and practical results.


We appreciate that actuarial terminology is not part of everyone’s daily vocabulary and tailor our communications accordingly. We believe actuarial results should be clear and accessible rather than shrouded in mystery. We take pride in our ability to refine complex topics into meaningful and actionable conclusions.


At Archer, our job is to make your job easier. Our clients appreciate our responsiveness, attention to detail, and follow-through on commitments. We enjoy using our specialized knowledge to solve problems, add value, and exceed expectations.


We continuously look for unique ways to provide value to our clients. Our dedication to clear communication results in fewer e-mails, smoother audits, and a shorter time commitment for everyone involved. Our emphasis on efficiency and practical results allows us to deliver premier service at a competitive cost.


All work performed by Archer is completed and peer reviewed by credentialed actuaries with multiple decades of experience in the field. Our extensive experience allows us to fully appreciate how actuarial results affect our self-insured clients. We exercise a measured and thoughtful approach that helps reduce the volatility inherent in reserving and forecasting estimates.