We appreciate that actuarial terminology is not part of everyone’s daily vocabulary and tailor our communications accordingly. We believe actuarial results should be clear and accessible rather than shrouded in mystery. We take pride in our ability to refine complex topics into meaningful and actionable conclusions.

Most actuarial reports are notoriously lengthy and technical. This is partly due to the strict professional standards of communication required of actuaries. Sometimes, actuaries take the path of least resistance and simply include every possible exhibit in their report. As part of our commitment to making our clients’ jobs easier, we customize deliverables to address the needs of specific users. For most projects, we provide multiple, targeted documents, such as:

An executive summary that contains the information of particular interest to risk managers, accountants, brokers and the C-suite.

A technical report that satisfies professional, regulatory and audit requirements and serves as an excellent reference for more in-depth analysis and review.

Key numerical results can be provided in an Excel format to reduce the need for users to transcribe numbers. This Excel summary is customized to dovetail with clients’ internal processes.

Consider the time you spend interpreting, transcribing, and communicating actuarial results – does it seem like these things should be easier? If so, let us know and we can help streamline your process.